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Institutional Affiliations:

ANU Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis

ANU College of Business and Economics

Lowy Institute for International Policy

The Brookings Institution.                        

McKibbin Software Group Pty Ltd                          

Economics and Environment Network (EEN) at the ANU

Other Links with Related Research

Centre for International Economics                                         

Resources for Economists:        
Economic resources (Rutgers)                                                         
Cristian Zimmerman's resources                                        
Resources for Economists          
Resources for economists on the internet                                            
International Economics Gateway (Alta Plana)
John S. Irons Economics site

 Useful Modelling Research Links            
Monash Model   
IMF Multimod Model                       
Global trade analysis project.        
Alan Deardorff     
NATSEM microsimulation models

 Asia Crisis:

Nouriel Roubini's Asia Crisis Homepage                           
Nouriel Roubini's Asia Crisis page                                
Robert Garran's East Asia page

 Major Institutions/Think tanks

Lowy Institute for International Policy 

The Brookings Institution.                                                             
Institute of International Economics                                                          
World Economics Resources                                                             
World Trade Organisation                                                   
World Bank                                                               
International Monetary fund                                                                  
International Finance Corporation                              
American Economic Association

 Research Working Papers                                                             
National Bureau of Economic Research                                         
Centre for Economic Policy and Research (CEPR)

 Computer Software:                                                             
Gauss programming language                 
GEMPACK general equilibrium modelling software                                                       
Mathstat Software